Warranty Information

Our goal is to create simple, clean, and refined products that last. We stand behind the quality of our products with a Limited Lifetime Warranty — our guarantee that every Freedy item is free of material and manufacturing defects. Subject to applicable laws, this warranty is valid for the duration that is designated on each product, as warranty periods differ according to models, beginning on the date of purchase from an authorized Freedy retailer or Freedy's official online store. The warranty will immediately become void if the product is purchased from an unauthorized retailer.

If you find a material or manufacturing defect, we will replace or repair the item at our discretion and in accordance with local law and our current warranty claims process. Warranty claims must be accompanied by an acceptable proof of purchase from an authorized Freedy retailer or Freedy's official online store.  Purchases from an unauthorized retailer will not be considered.

The Limited Warranty does not cover misuse, neglect, accidents or any modification to a Freedy product. If a product is damage during flight or transport, you should report such damage to the operator or carrier, as this damage is not covered by the Limited Warranty. We also cannot be held responsible for loss, damage or cost resulting from the use or loss of our products. Please note that general usage, including but not limited to the breakdown of colors and materials over time, is not considered a material or manufacturing defect and is not covered by the Limited Warranty.

We will not honor fake or fraudulent warranty claims and reserve the right to reject any warranty claims which we suspect, in our sole discretion, to be fraudulent.

Limited Time Warranty: Warranty Claim Related to Quality Issues

Items purchased from authorized dealers or Freedy's official website are eligible for warranty service either through the authorized dealer (in accordance with their policies) or through Freedy directly. Purchases will at all times remain subject to this warranty policy as updated from time to time.


  • Go to Support > Claim Warranty. Fill out all the requirements then submit. 
  • Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase. 
  • The serial number and/or the date of purchase must be provided at each claim. 

Return Policy

Undamaged or unopened products that are purchased from Freedy's official online store may be returned for a full refund for any reason within 30 days of the date the item was delivered to the designated shipping address. Once the item arrives back to Freedy's warehouse for inspection, the refund will be processed accordingly. 

  • Returns must include all accessories
  • Items must include original packaging
  • For non-quality related warranty claims, a buyer is responsible for the shipping cost in the following situations:
    • Returning products for any reason other than a proven defect
    • Warranty claims on items taken outside the original country of purchase
    • Buyer’s accidental returns
    • Returning personal items
    • Returning items claimed to have defects but found by Freedy's quality control to be in working condition
    • Returning defective items in international shipping
    • Costs associated with unauthorized returns (any returns made outside of the approved warranty process)
  • Returns may be rejected if items do not meet the above requirements

When returning items with a prepaid shipping label provided by Freedy, Freedy takes responsibility for any damage or loss incurred in transit. When returning items for non-quality issues, buyer assumes responsibility for any damage or loss incurred in transit. Freedy does not provide refunds for items damaged in transit for non-quality related warranty claims.

If any assistance for returning the purchased items is needed, please contact us then the template, shipping label for returning will be given immediately.

Items purchased from authorized dealers may only be returned or exchanged to the retailer in accordance with the retailer’s policies and procedures.