USB PD, the next generation of charging

USB PD, the next generation of charging

As the power consumption of smart devices increases, the capacity of batteries is becoming more significant. However, larger batteries require faster-charging solutions to satisfy human beings who cannot wait longer until their devices become ready to be picked up. In recent years, various types of fast charging solutions have been developed. Now with the Power Delivery, the waiting time is becoming even shorter than ever.

USB Power Delivery (or USB PD) is a USB standard charging technology that provides high power up to 100W through a USB type-c port. Most of the recently released smartphones and notebooks feature with USB PD charging, and the number of compatible devices is dramatically increasing.

How fast is it?

Freedy 90W multi-USB charger has four USB charging ports. It’s got both a USB-C PD port and a USB-A QC3.0 port so that it can charge almost everything in between old-fashioned Android smartphones and the latest MacBook and iPad. With the USB PD charging ports of Freedy 90W charger, the iPad Pro 12.9, which has a 10,875mAh battery, can be charged up within two and half hours until fully charged from 0%. The smartphones are even faster; for example, it takes about less than two hours to charge up the largest iPhone, which has a 3,969mAh battery.

Simultaneous charging

What are you carrying every day in your bag? Almost everyone is carrying a smartphone for daily use. If you are a music lover, you might have a wireless headphone or earbud in your bag. What about laptops or tablets? Or are you farming your land in the subway with any portable game devices like Nintendo Switch? And all of these devices have batteries. For example, Freedy 90W multi-USB charger can replace separate wall chargers or outlets if you’re carrying four or more devices around because this one-size power adaptor is enough to deliver sufficient power for each device.

Becoming even smaller

The technology is shifting on higher power like more than 100W right now. Also, the chargers are becoming smaller, and all of these innovations are coming from the new material called Gallium Nitride (or GaN). The new material, GaN, is relatively unknown right now, but the number of GaN chargers are expected to multiply from this year, which means more users will take advantage of the innovative material. Freedy also provides multiple solutions for USB PD charging, and there will be more to come from 2020.


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  • skip duemeland

    love the freedy LLC four port charge. i wish you would make a four port USB C ports please. I need to buy a total of 8 ports now for every installation to get four USB C output ports.
    This unit is the best there Is!!!!!!

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